Friday, August 17, 2007

Contemplating the Engine Room

Revisiting an unappreciated classic, I contemplate my insatiable request for artists to produce meaningful work throughout their careers. There is no end to creativity- no excuse to fall back on past accomplishments. i.e.- John Doe's new album sounds really good.

Is there a difference in authenticity between the constant flow of artistic output by people like Mike Watt, John Doe or Sonic Youth and the recent flux of "comeback artists" like Mission of Burma, Bad Brains etc? The latter bands released amazing albums in 2006/7 respectively. I don't think everyone can be as prolific as Billy Childish, but there is a certain authenticity to maintaining a constant pouring of artistic expression. The statements by bands like Mission of Burma with the Obliterati, Bad Brains with Build a Nation or Mary Weiss (w/ the Reigning Sound) with Dangerous Game are complete and genuine, regardless of years between output. This absolutely baffles me, but also gives me hope.

No one needs to rely on nostalgia to continue contributing authenticity to the rock n roll trash landscape.

Is this a completely American phenomenon? The Jesus and Mary Chain is boring me to death and Gang of Four wasn't that exciting a couple years ago. But wait! Radio Birdman is australian and they still friggin rock... Deniz Tek is from Michigan though. hmm...

As this screaming thought jumbles into useless rambling, I can't help but think about the cliche American do or die spirit. Are we that stubborn? Do we really refuse defeat? Well, we are still murdering people in Afghanistan and Iraq. Shit.