Friday, April 20, 2007

To begin...

Society-Consumerism-Capitalism-Corporations-Art-Rock n' Roll-Conviction

Words grow thin as we fail to see the connections or relevance in our own lives. We remain complacent and hope to move forward without speaking out or standing up. Are these words on top of the page really that taboo? Are we allowed to address these issues of conformity and mediocrity that plague our very being? I don't think that a blog is going to help change anything, but maybe I can explore some themes that America is afraid of through records and opinion in order to help myself transcend this cultural wasteland. There are precious few voices in the wilderness, and most of them are mocked for taking themselves too seriously. Screeching suburban landscapes cram my head full of doubt while I desire optimism. Most importantly, the words independent and generation have become marketing tools in order to trap us within our own convictions. I'm not treading new ground or bringing up points that haven't been around for decades. In fact, I believe that time began to stop around 1974 and hasn't progressed since about 1980. Accepting or ignoring, the only two attitudes expressed so far regarding this phenomenon, perpetuate the stoppage of time indefinitely. I resolve to stop letting it get me down and use these words of conflict to create debate and stir up confusion and fear... or at least allow these feelings to be addressed.

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